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Seeing is better than hearing about Montessori

The Jewish Education Project
The Jewish Education Project is a beneficiary of UJA-Federation of New York

Susan Remick Topek

A few years ago I had the opportunity to visit a Jewish Montessori preschool in Atlanta. This was my first time really observing and carefully listening to a Montessori class, and certainly a first for a Jewish Montessori class! I have friends in Stony Brook who sent their children to the Montessori school in the area and through the years we had discussed AT LENGTH why it worked for one of her children and not the other.  But being in Atlanta, and seeing the children and the teachers in the school setting, I was able to understand the educational goals more clearly. I also saw an integration of Jewish and Montessori in action. I’ve been interested it ever since.

two boys stting on the floor

Fast forward to the Luria Academy. This is my second visit and I have learned so much more about a Montessori education (Atlanta was a catalyst for ongoing learning and resources). I have grown as an educator, a Jewish educator and as an early childhood educator. Walking into Luria was a calming and comfortable experience. The environment is peaceful. The children and faculty are welcoming- the culture and the value of Montessori and Judaism is present throughout the entire building.

Now conversations about the Montessori approach have been started between colleagues, and there’s an excitement and openness from being there, and I for one, was so glad to be a part of it!

To see pictures from our visit to the Luria Academy, click here.


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