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What’s a grandmother to do?

The Jewish Education Project
The Jewish Education Project is a beneficiary of UJA-Federation of New York

Susan Golob Poltarak

My son and daughter-in-law have just announced that they are expecting a baby in June and that makes me the joyful soon-to-be-grandmother in this newest family journey.

But wait, they both work, and need to both work, so who will care for the baby?

As I walked through the Kehillah School for Early Learning at Temple Israel New Rochelle (TINR) it made me think about who would care for the baby? Where would care take place? And how much would it cost? Can you put a price on such a thing? YES, and it’s quite high for quality child care in Westchester or just about anywhere.

Nancy with baby All of these questions were swirling in my head as I listened to Nancy Bossov, Director of Early Childhood Programs; describe her journey to create a high quality Jewish Full Day Child Care Program at TINR. The thing is that I already walked through this space 28 years ago when I enrolled my own children into the nursery school program from 9:00 – 11:45 AM. That’s what I needed then, and it worked for me and my family. But the world has changed dramatically, and more and more families with young children need to work and are looking to enroll their children in care for a longer day. And as an educator who tosses around the term “families with young children”, it’s now personal for me. Who’s going to care for my grandchild while Mom and Dad work? All I can say is thank goodness for Nancy and the leadership of TINR for undertaking such an important step – to think about the care of our youngest in such a thoughtful and carefully designed environment. I wonder if there will be space for a baby this summer?

To see pictures from the Kehillah visit, click here.


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