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TIP #2 Treat Your Website as an Investment…Not an Expense

The Jewish Education Project
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Part of our Summer Series: Jewish Early Childhood Marketing Tips

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Shariee Calderone and Susan Remick Topek

When was the last time you visited your school’s website? WHAT?! THAT LONG?!  As the Director of your school you should be visiting it monthly to see what your school looks like when others visit it.

“Your website is the single most important marketing tool for your program. Period.  Any potential client will absolutely visit your website before ever making contact with your center and it will, most often be the first impression you make on a parent.” (10 Must Do Marketing Tips)

Some questions to ask yourself about your website are (and answer honestly!):

  • Is the information current? Hours, tuition, calendar, enrichment programs?
  • Does it express your school’s philosophy and reflect the environment through photographs of inside and outside spaces?
  • Does it convey your special Jewish lens? Holiday celebrations; Jewish values and experiences; Family inclusion and engagement?
  • Does it highlight what is unique and special about your school?  Do you have extended hours; an outdoor classroom/garden; social action activities?
  • Are there photographs that reflect the vibrancy of your program?  Children involved in play? An outdoor environment being explored?  A special room for building, drama or technology?
  • Does it promote the professionalism of your faculty? This includes educational degrees, awards, special skills and training (i.e. nursing, yoga, art, and physical education), on-going professional development and academic opportunities
  • Does it have prominent parent testimonials?  This is more than a sentence about ‘wonderful teachers” and “happy children”! *MORE ABOUT THIS IN AN UPCOMING TIP!
  • Can you link to social media such as a facebook page, twitter or parent/teacher blogs about the school?

Here are a just a few school webpages that we like and why:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We know that you might not be the website creator, or even a website aficionado, but where you can have influence in updating your school’s website – USE IT!  YOU KNOW YOUR SCHOOL BETTER THAN ANYONE!

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*We gratefully acknowledge the permission we’ve received by Matt Harrel, CEO & Co-founder of MemberHub, to reference Childcare Marketing Tips: 10 Mus-Do Marketing Tips to Grow the Enrollment of Your Early Childhood Program (July 2012). The e-book was coauthored by Matt Harrell and Kris Murry, President and Founder of Child Care Marketing Solutions.


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