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Temple Israel’s Kehillah school continues to inspire dialog and interest around full day infant/toddler care

Shariee Calderone

Early Childhood Directors in our networks are continuing to dialog with each other and consider exactly what it takes to add extended or full day infant and toddler care options to their current programs. As Julie Weiner notes in her article, Jewish Child Care Model Poised For Growth Spurt, there are only a limited number of Jewish early child care centers who currently offer this model but it looks like bright horizons (sorry for the pun) are ahead.

In collaboration with the UJA Federation initiative mentioned in the article, The Jewish Education Project is helping to explore the landscape and identify centers and directors who are ready to take a closer look at the model. Feedback from you tells us that our In-site-ful Journey visit to the Kehillah School for Early Learning in January was informative and inspiring. Here’s some of how the visit impacted you that day:

  • It made me more aware of the challenges today’s families have with regard to childcare.
  • I think it’s [the full-day model] a way of helping parents make connections to a community.
  • We will be starting a 3 year old full day class next year and now have a better idea of what to do and expect.

But, I would be remiss if I didn’t also share some of the concerns and challenges that were raised during our visit. Things like:

  • The full day model in a Jewish setting
  • Collaboration with Bright Horizons which is a for-profit company
  • Staffing and professional development
  • And the profitability of the model

But it’s a start. So as we continuing to inspire others we’ll address the concerns as well. I’m glad we can be part of this innovation in Jewish education and know that there IS a tremendous amount of growth ahead. I look forward to hearing about each directors own journey in the months/years to come.

Click here to see the resource page we put together about Jewish infant and toddler care after our visit. 


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