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Tip #3 Understand Your New Target Market – Millennials

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Shariee Calderone and Susan Remick Topek

As the song says, “The Times They Are A Changin’  (Dylan, 1964)

It can be difficult when you’ve been teaching and directing for many years to understand that the parents of children in your school today are different – not better, not worse– just different from the parents of yesteryear!

There is much written about Millennials (or Generation Y) – those born from approximately 1979 -1994 (although we’ve seen other ranges indicated).

For a humorous look at Millennial Parenting…

Mellennial Parents

This generation encompasses many of the younger parents in your school. According to RepNation Marketing, millennials are: technology multi-taskers; community builders; focused on value, purpose and quality of life; will crowd source decisions; and are masters of over sharing.

In terms of your school this means that you need to understand and respond to their unique needs, interests, concerns and even their “hot buttons”. What are you noticing about this generation and how are you responding? According to Matt Harrell…

“These new parents act very differently when it comes to searching for products and services, using social media to connect with the world, and using their smart phones or mobile device to do almost everything.”

Successfully communicating with this generation will take a bit of growth on your part. You cannot expect them to adapt to YOUR way of doing things. More than ever you’ll need to be PRESENT in the 21st century and make some updated choices. With regards to reaching perspective parents, know that today they frequently rely on each other for recommendations and ratings. They will talk and confer via social media to friends and friends of friends. Word of mouth is paramount, and sometime the “mouth” speaks through a handheld device or i-pad or tablet! “Boomers had Dr. Spock. Millennials have each other,” says Kim Lear, 27, of the general consulting firm BridgeWorks, and a Millennial  herself.  “They’re really relying on each other for information.”

If you know what Millennials care about it will intentionally have an impact on your advertising and marketing. One example from Matt Harrell about this;

“Millennials are very concerned about the environment and seek to do business with companies who are good stewards of our planet. So if you’re celebrating Earth Day in your program by planting trees with your preschoolers, tell your market about it!”

These are the parents of the children in your school and the parents you WANT in your school. If you want to attract them and enroll them in your school, then you need to really appreciate how they think and act.

The humorous video we shared above does a great job at giving US a bird’s eye view into THEM.

“Your goal…is to really understand their fears, concerns, past experiences, desires and objections…so you can address them and be better prepared…” Kris Murray “Secrets of Effective Prospect Visits in a Child Care Environment”

To read more about Millennials:

Kids Haven’t Changed but Parents Have

Millennial Moms Put Their Unique Imprint on Parenting

And a cute letter written by a Millennial mom to her son, 5 Token Traits of Gen Y Parents.

Additional Food for thought: Thinking of hiring a Millennial? Check out this blog post  from our good friends at Darim on Line about Millennials in the workforce.

book cover

*We gratefully acknowledge the permission we’ve received by Matt Harrell, CEO & Co-founder of MemberHub, to reference Childcare Marketing Tips: 10 Mus-Do Marketing Tips to Grow the Enrollment of Your Early Childhood Program (July 2012). The e-book was coauthored by Matt Harrell and Kris Murray, President and Founder of Child Care Marketing Solutions.


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